Prospering Each Moment

Prospering Each Moment

When someone talks about prosperity or succeeding, what comes to mind? Is it people like Bill Gates, LeBron James, Denzel Washington, or some other famous person? What do you think about yourself that says you will never be that successful? Do you blame your genes, luck, or something else that leaves you in a victim status?

We have trained ourselves, unconsciously, to place the blame for our apparent lack of success on something, or someone, else instead of where it belongs. Watching the news last week, a young man is traveling the country and collecting the signatures of veterans; he asked one veteran what advice he would give a young person like him. His response was, “prosper each moment of your life.” A simple statement with huge implications.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word prosper means to succeed in an enterprise or activity especially: to achieve economic success and to become strong and flourishing. It seems this definition may be lacking in the aspect of human relationships and personal growth. How do we prosper each moment of our lives?

If you are in a dysfunctional relationship, prospering would be making the necessary changes in yourself to move toward a healthy relationship. This would take on individual growth and change, and a change in how you manage the ups and downs of the relationship together.

Our minds are working 24/7, yes, even when you are asleep. Each thought has an emotion attached to it, and the resulting feelings tell us action is needed to reduce that feeling or reward it. Many times, our reaction to situations or memories manifests in an outward negative display that at best is awkward.

To prosper is to change our habitual reactions, things we say to ourselves and others when hard situations arise. To do this, we have to:

  • Grab the thought or feeling attached to the negative.
  • Figure out why the thought or feeling is present, identify all the other thoughts or emotions attached to it.
  • Write them out.
  • Recognize the healthier way you wish to behave, focus on that.
  • Visualize those similar situations with your better behavior several times a day.

Making this a consistent part of each day will set you up for success when the hard situation arises again. Consistency is the key to making any change, stopping and thinking before replying will help you to remain calm. You can do this, with consistent work you will create new neural pathways to better reactions and thoughts each day. This is how you can prosper each moment of your life, you do not have to live out anger, anxiety, depression, or anything else that has held you back. Take responsibility for your behaviors and where you are in life, then you can leave the victim behind and become a victor.

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